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MFG. Philadelphia PA, U.S.A. 2014

We’re lots of things.

At our core, we’re seasoned technologists with decades of experience building complex solutions of the highest quality. We code, we test, and we tweak until everything is airtight. Which leads us to security, the other half of our bread and butter. We take it seriously and build it in to everything we do. It’s never an afterthought, and it’s always rock solid. We could talk all day about what we do. But we’d rather show you.

Technical Services

  • Custom Application Development
    (LAMP, .NET, JAVA)

    Highest quality code built to spec, tested and delivered.
  • CMS Implementation
    (Drupal, Sitecore, Umbraco)

    A strategic approach to CMS. We first assess all requirements, recommend a CMS, and customize as needed.
  • Secure E-Commerce

    E-commerce requires a true marriage between solid security and real-world software development.
  • Technical Consulting

    Bridging the gap between the business and technology, with our expertise and experience, we can help guide the way.
  • CRM Implementation and Integration
    (Salesforce, Dynamics)

    The right CRM can help you focus on what's important — your clients. We can help choose and implement the tools you need to manage and grow your client relationships.

Security Services

  • Secure Coding Standards

    Customized standards for writing code that fits your technology and business, and protects your data, customers and systems.
  • Code Reviews

    Deep down, old fashioned, boots on the ground code review.
  • Penetration Testing

    We get in the mind of a hacker to find where the vulnerabilities lie and protect your applications.
  • Security Awareness Training

    The best way to avoid a breach is to avoid being vulnerable in the first place. We can help make security second nature within your organization.
  • Compliance Review

    More than just box checkers, we can help navigate the ever shifting seas of compliance.

Our Client Experience Includes

  • 160 Over 90
  • AZ
  • Bimbo Bakeries USA
  • Blackfynn
  • CertainTeed Saint-Gobain
  • Comcast
  • Digitas Health
  • Independence Blue Cross
  • Karma Agency
  • KCTCS Online
  • Mylan
  • NSM Insurance Group
  • Publicis Groupe
  • Rutgers University
  • TechImpact
  • WSFS Bank

News & Press Releases



Secure Your Marketing Data: 5 tips

Marketing and data and analytics are inextricably linked from now until eternity. And they have been for quite some time—even before the “big data” craze. But the more that marketers capture and use data to achieve an organization’s business goals, the more responsibility these marketers have to keep information secure.

If you have customer and/or employee information, and trust is part of that relationship—which I am sure it is—security has to be top of mind when building web sites and executing digital marketing programs.

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How to deal with the bot crisis on Twitter

There’s a vast army of bots on Twitter, and they are on the move.

Dennis Egen, the founder of security-focused web-dev firm Engine Room, tells CSO that Twitter bots are also used to attack corporations. They often go after a specific brand, which is what happened recently when Coca-Cola started tweeting portions of Mein Kampf.

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Personalized Customer Portals, Saved 'Cases' in Salesforce

For digital native startups and agile enterprises, Salesforce has become ubiquitous in business—even more than the mobile phone. But not everyone uses it to its full potential. And frankly with Salesforce's tangential moves into healthcare, consumer e-commerce, communications and media and other peripheral markets, its core community of cloud users might feel abandoned.

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20 of the greatest companies you could work for this year that are all hiring

Engine Room is a software consulting firm that provides the know-how to deploy software solutions—from updating legacy systems and building technology to implementing rigorous software security.

Engine Room is small but mighty. The company has a supportive management style that ensures that leaders are involved and available, without getting in the way of the development process. And employees at Engine Room Technology enjoy spending time together, not only while collaborating on the work but also while joking and goofing off—around the office and outside of it.

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Think like a Hacker

Recent cyberattacks that have received the greatest media and public attention have mostly been perpetrated against larger companies, but even the smallest convenience store operators are vulnerable, too.

Information security is critically important. There are two approaches to securing a convenience store retailer's information: defensive and offensive…

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Ensuring Information Security in the Manufacturing Environment

The cyberattacks that have received the greatest media and public attention in recent years were those against financial services firms such as JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup and retailers such as Target, Ebay and Home Depot. But manufacturers aren’t immune. Last year, sophisticated attackers gained access to the office network of a German steel plant and, eventually, into the organization’s production network. Control components and entire production machines suffered outages, preventing the plant from appropriately shutting down a blast furnace. Significant damage was sustained by the plant.

So, just as with financial services firms and retailers, information security is critically important for manufacturers…

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If you Build It, Secure It: Think like a Hacker

Strategies from other industries can be relevant and helpful for manufacturing operations, as can learning from the missteps of others.

The most common mistake Egen sees is a consequence of managers allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by what they perceive as a cumbersome, intimidating process. Subsequently, they ignore the entire issue of information security and hope nothing happens. As he described the situation, “Too many managers say ‘our system is too old,’ or ‘we could never do that.’ But that is never the case.” His advice for these managers is simple: Don’t let “perfect” be the enemy of the greater good…

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8 Tips and Technologies That Can Keep a College Network Safe

Cybersecurity expert Dennis Egen reveals the top 8 tips and technologies colleges should follow to keep their network defenses high.

"You can defend your network as much as you want, but a lot of times, universities will have web applications out there, whether they’re news and events or classroom systems like Blackboard or the registration systems,” says Egen, President & Founder of Engine Room...

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Curiosity, Desire Are Key Attributes When Looking For New Hires

Dennis Egen is the president and founder of the technology firm Engine Room Technology + Security. Engine Room develops software for digital and mobile platforms, as well as provides airtight data security. Egens motto is, “Dream in code and think like hackers.”

What do you anticipate happening in your field that will bring growth to your market in the next 6 months?

“Getting back to basics. Many of the data breaches we are seeing today are from typical spearfishing so, there needs to be a commitment to – and sustained effort around – educating employees. Employees need to understand that opening a seemingly friendly email could give a hacker access to proprietary information. Communicating these risks to employees will help get ahead of the issue, which is becoming more and more common.”…

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How Center City Is Attracting Top-Notch Tech Talent

Engine Room Tech is a team of seasoned technologists with decades of experience building complex solutions of the highest quality. They code, test, and tweak websites and mobile apps until everything is airtight. The Philadelphia start-up is also in the security business, which they take very seriously and build it into everything they do. Their motto is this: security is never an afterthought. As a results, their projects are always rock solid and secure...

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