Any developers can hack together modules or download snippets, leading to subpar quality solutions. Engine Room can make recommendations on where to buy or use open source technologies, and when to build something custom. This often happens when integration between two systems is necessary, say when you need your CRM to talk to your ERP system, or your CMS and your Marketing Automation system. Engine Room Engineers have nearly seen it all at this point, and can chart the right course, and execute with precision.


Problem: A large telecommunications company was testing a new chain of retail stores. They wanted to rapidly develop and launch an appointment management system so customers could make/track/change appointments to bring their equipment into the store for service or training, similar to the Apple Genius Bar. They needed the online, in-store, and mobile systems to operate seamlessly.

Solution: Engine Room built a web service in .NET that wrapped a third-party appointment management system, as well as a mobile-first web application also built in .NET MVC. The services were used by the website, mobile application and in-store Android-based kiosk application. The entire experience was built in two months and launched without issue. The store launch was a success and the application grew with the chain until it was replaced by an ERP system.