When dollars are on the line, performance, quality and security are paramount in your e-commerce platform. Just having a site optimized from a performance and user experience perspective should be a given. More than just the basics, Engine Room will ensure maximum uptime, security and performance to keep transactions flowing. Engine Room has built custom commerce solutions as well as Drupal Commerce and WordPress-based stores.

E-Commerce Web Development Example


A startup wanted to create a Marina Booking Engine, for boaters to seamlessly book slips at participating marinas. Booking a slip can be a very complex use case, where length, beam, draft and power all come into play. Further, each marina has several amenities from laundry to tiki bars. So, the logic was complex and the interface needed to be easy to use and performant. Engine Room built an integration between WordPress and several SaaS solutions to build the optimal experience on a budget. The entire site was built in less than 3 months!