Case study no. 1:

Engine Room Codes Quality E-Commerce Features for an App Focused on Supporting New Moms’ Mental Health

Executive Summary 

As the web development partner for FamilyWell, an organization that provides postpartum support for new mothers, Engine Room maintained the company’s new app, provided tech support for e-commerce infrastructure, and secured all medical and financial information the company handled.

Keeping Sensitive Information Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Dr. Jessica Gaulton, a physician-entrepreneur whose expertise lies at the intersection of maternal & newborn health and healthcare innovation, created an application to support mothers who were struggling with postpartum depression. This mobile app included communication with coaches – doctors and therapists – who could talk with the women about what they were experiencing in real-time.

Engine Room provided tech support, application maintenance, and support in a CTO/CISO capacity to assist with data security and HIPAA-compliance questions.

Navigating Multiple Technical Issues with Ease

There were many moving parts in this project and technical issues that needed to be addressed. In addition to managing the e-commerce infrastructure of the application, Engine Room created SMS capabilities for clients and providers to communicate once they were connected via the app. Dr. Gaulton hopes to create in-app communication capabilities eventually.

Providing Successful and Scalable Custom Tech Solutions

Engine Room helped FamilyWell customize a flow for their customers to sign up for their service using a WordPress plugin. Engine Room also recommended omitting a fee for the first round of services, which got more people to sign up for the program. It turned out that people were dropping out of the signup process because they didn’t want to share their credit card information so soon after signing up.

All of the issues with the app were addressed, and Engine Room was able to help the company create a fully HIPAA-compliant and easy-to-use application with e-commerce capabilities for mothers in need.

The Engine Room team is fully integrated as our tech arm of the company, doing everything from software and app development, cybersecurity, and HIPAA compliance...

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