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With world-class service, local decision-making power and a range of mortgage products to choose from, WSFS Bank can help you get more than just a mortgage. Engine Room set out to help WSFS bank convey this message in a clear modern way. Engine Room helped WSFS reimagine the mortgage products page on their flagship site, The mortgage page serves as a main platform for sharing the benefits of a mortgage with WSFS bank both to existing and new customers.

WSFS needed a clear and engaging way to convey the WSFS value proposition around local presence and national capabilities. They wanted their prospective borrowers to know that WSFS had the range and scale of services to best serve their mortgage needs.

Engine Room designed a single page with a clear and prominent Call to Action for prospective borrowers to either apply for a mortgage or continue with their application. Further down the page was a “Meet the Team” section where loan officers could be highlighted and users could deep link to their bios to put a face with a name. All of this information was configurable in the Sitecore CMS. WSFS has re-used this “Meet the Team” concept for their Small Business page as well.

From a design perspective, the original pages were confined to a modest screen size and needed a more contemporary look and feel. Engine Room and WSFS wanted a grander, more enticing design, so we took the page to full screen. Typographically, we added more design sensibility to reinforce that more modern design.

We went deeper into the WSFS color pallet. We used a brighter green, which is a nod to a more contemporary experience, while still in keeping with their brand colors.

This design inspired the creation of a generic landing page that allowed WSFS to create landing pages for:

  • Money Market Account promotion
  • Beneficial Bank merger information
  • Home Equity Line of Credit promotion
  • Promotional contests

Our Contributions:

  • User Experience Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Sitecore Development

  • Quality Assurance
WSFS mortgage products page
WSFS Mortgage Meet the Team page
WSFS Reverse Mortgages page